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-The Gold Award of Taiwan Innotech Expo-

Taiwanese patent application no. I639579 for
【soil improvement components and methods of promoting plant growth】

【Luxurious Health Nutrients】
Chlorella pyrenoidosa contains 60% protein, 16 amino acids (including 8 essential amino acids), Omega-3 (DHA, EPA), vitamin A~E, also is rich in minerals (Fe, Ca, Mg, P, Zn) and carotenoids, which provides comprehensive nutrients.

【Features of Product】
1. Conditioning Crop Temperature Tolerance
2. Improve Crop Ecosystem
3. Suppress Pest Infestation
4. Help Tissue Repair

【Raw material and sources】
Chlorella vulgaris, Soybean powder, yeast powder, fish dissolved pulp, molasses and rice bran.

Organic matter 18%,Nitrogen 2.5%,Total phosphorus anhydride (P2O5) 2.0%,Potash (K2O) 2.0%

pH value 4.9
Properties: Liquid form

(1) This is a fermented product containing high animal and plant proteins, once diluted, must be finished using on the same day.
(2) Can be used in conjunction with other pesticides; avoid mixing with strong alkaline pesticides
(3) Do not use concentrated undiluted liquid
(4) Do not use under strong sunlight and heavy rain
Shelf life: two years
Manufacturer (Country): Taiwan

Product Information:

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