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A.Genesis Breeding System

Genesis Breeding System™(GBS) is Taijian’s proprietary microalgae cultivation technology, this technology has the following advantages:
Environmental feature:Does not require fresh water supply, does not require a dedicated supply of carbon dioxide, algae itself can accelerate carbon fixation during cultivation.
Cultivation feature:Does not require a vast agricultural land, algae cultivation does not result in soil deterioration or environmental pollution.
Cost feature:Without using expensive nutrients, does not incur additional cost.
Energy conservation feature:Does not require huge energy supply, to reduce production cost through simple, low-cost and most efficient wind power system.
Production feature:Algae harvest is a year round production, per acre yield is higher than any other crops.

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B. Floating Photo bioreactor system

The illuminating bag device derived from this technique improves light refraction or reflection inside the cultivation bags, maintains even light exposure and stabilizes the circulation, further contributes to algae autotrophic and auxotrophic growth, therefore increases culture efficiency. Moreover, the airlift force that affects circulation in microalgae culture suspension will strengthen the effect of mixing and gaseous exchange (mass transfer). No extra device is needed to propel water circulation and mixing, the operation cost of light reactor system will be reduced. We continue to improve this technique, the degree of automation and to further reduce labor cost.

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C. Genesis Fermentation System™

Microalgae provides an excellent food resource for terrestrial animals. However, due to the rigidity of microalgae cell wall, which comprises three different types of cellulose, hindering the release of nutrients and subsequent utilization. Our propriety technology utilizes cellulase enzymes secreted by fungi helps to facilitate cell wall disruption and to reduce production cost. Moreover, the byproducts can be further used to produce algae derived fertilisers.

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D. Improved soil conditioning technology

Use of Chlorella obtained from propriety desalination treatment and fermentation, together with our patented Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPBs) as soil amendment to catalyze the metabolism and activation of soil beneficial microorganisms, increases soil organic matter and potency, and the special nutrients for plant’s root provided by Chlorella, will further improve soil fertility.