Corporate background

We initiated our algae biotechnology research 
program during 2010-2015 which is the prepa-
ratory stage; over the years we have been de-
veloping our proprietary microalgae cell wall 
disruption technology, unique microalgae fer-
mentation and extraction methods, which can
be used to produce high nutritional value alga-
e derived products.

Business philosophy

In view of the impact of extensive refined ag-
riculture practice brings about land overuse,
which resulted in soil degradation due to ac-
idification, we strive to provide customized 
solutions to address the depletion of organi-
c matter in acidified soil, to offer appropriate 
soil remediation solution, and aim to becom-
e an expert in habitat restoration to achieve 
sustainable agriculture and organic farming 

R&D team

Name Title Experience Education Specialty
Miao-Ling Chiou Chairman Taiwan Scott Paper Corp Chiayi vocational high school Business management
Integrated marketing strategy
Jammy Chiou Vice Chairman Algae cultivation and microalgae production system modules
biotechnology and medical equipment investment
Master of computer engineering, New york Institute of technology application of algae in biotechnology
biomass energy system
business management
R&D in drug and biomedical products
Jih-hsien Lee Executive director Chairman, Taiwan Advance-template Technology Inc. Ph. D., Institute of Information Engineering, National Central University Development of micro nano structure technology
Kevin Cheng Supervisor General Manager, Arbor Technology Corp Master of computer Engineering, New York Institute of Technology Innovation in energy automation system
Jiunn-Jye Chuu R&D Consultant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology Ph. D., Graduate Institute of Toxicology, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University Toxicology
Animal study
Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls, Analysis and identification of natural product composition
Safety assessment and function verification of functional foods

Member introduction

Mr. Jammy Chiou

Mr. Chiou serves as company Vice Chairman. He had his business startup in New York since 1985 and he also played pioneering roles in the field of biotechnology and industrial computer operation system. He brings over 20 years of senior executive leadership experience in business management and channel marketing management. In 2006, he accurately predicted the soaring of crude oil price and global warming issues. These could catalyze the development of algae-related technology, which provide an alternative source of energy and food. He has vast experience in the application of algae in biotechnology, development of biomass energy system and the application of Genesis Breeding System™ and Genesis Fermentation System™ to reduce the cost of algae cultivation.

Professor Jiunn-Jye Chuu

Professor Chuu serves as company's technical director. He receives his doctorate in Toxicology from College of Medicine, National Taiwan University. His specialties include pharmacology, toxicology, isolation and identification of food/drugs and molecular cell biology of diseases. In addition to having research collaboration with the industry sector, he has also been awarded with several algae related patents. He has published many research articles and has authored several books. He receives many awards such as Gold metal in the 26th Pittsburgh International Invention Exhibition and has been listed in the 28th and 33rd Marquis Who's Who in the world. He leads the development of several patented technologies used in our company.


Our research results have obtained numbers of patents and awards. By ensuring our core technology through the protection of patents. It maintains the uniqueness and competitiveness of our products which are in line with the healthy and environmental standards.

Genesis Breeding System

Genesis Breeding System™(GBS) is Taijian’s proprietary microalgae cultivation technology, this technology has the following advantages

Genesis Fermentation System™

Microalgae provides an excellent food resource for terrestrial animals. However, due to the rigidity of microalgae cell wall, which comprises three different types of cellulose, hindering the release of nutrients and subsequent utilization.

Improved soil conditioning technology

Use of Chlorella obtained from propriety desalination treatment and fermentation, together with our patented Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPBs) as soil amendment to catalyze the metabolism and activation of soil beneficial microorganisms





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