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Animal Protein Feed Additives (Liquid)
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Product Efficacy:
1.Containing six types of patent plant probiotics
2.Green algae natural nutrients
3.Special mineral activator
4.Perfect proportion and unique formula

The recommended dilution fold for Tai Jian No.2 Soil Conditioner™ :
The recommended dilution of 200-250 fold for soil regulation period!
The recommended dilution of 800~1000 fold for the crop growth period.

Proposed Price:NT$850

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Tai Jian’s patented enhanced formula!

Patent application No. 106100901 for soil improvement components and methods of promoting plant growth Subsection 8, Xigang Dist., Tainan City (parcel No.: 0783-0000)

【Improving soil bacterial flora】
Making a good work in physical, chemical, and biological soil environments, as well as improving soil acidification and hardening, and changing the microbial environment in poor soils.

【Combining multiple strains of cultures】
Symbiosis with multiple floras of plant roots, activating the root’s physiological functions, and protecting the roots to reduce disease.

【Well-used by soil/crop】
Biological fertilizers are cultures of living organisms that can adapt to different crops and produce a soil environment conducive to the growth of crops.

【Adaptive and resistant to adversity】
For farmland soil in a special environment, the conditioner can adapt to cultures that are resistant to adversity, and eliminate pathogenic bacteria in the soil.