Animal Protein Feed Additive (Granule)
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Tai Jian Biotech Co., Ltd. has been developing proprietary microalgae cell wall disruption technology, unique microalgae fermentation and extraction methods, which can be used to produce high nutritional value algae derived products.
Chlorella Biostimulants are designed to improve crop yield and quality, which has a positive impact on farm profitability. Furthermore, biostimulants also improve the uptake and efficient use of other essential inputs, notably fertilizers.
Advantages of Chlorella Biostimulants:
(1)Contains Chlorella Peptide: Long and quick-acting nitrogen supplementation for plant growth, improving stress tolerance of plants.
(2)Rich of natural Trace Elements: Increases plant resistance to fungi, balanced plant nutrition, reduces metal toxicity, and enhances tolerance to abiotic stress.
(3)The unique Chlorella Growth Factor(C.G.F.):Promote the photochemical biochemical efficiency of plants and greatly increase the utilization during the fertilizer efficiency period.
(3)Chlorella Polysaccharides: Inducing plant disease resistance, regulating plant growth, and optimizing crop quality.

In terms of business strategy, Biostimulants is still a emerging product in the market. Therefore, in addition to research, development, production, and sales, Tai Jian Biotech Co.,Ltd. is also responsible for publicizing education and social responsibility.



  1. This product produced by microorganism complex microbial fermentation. It contains high level of animal and plant proteins. Please finish using at one after diluted.
  2. Can be used in conjunction with other pesticides; avoid mixing with strong alkaline pesticides.
  3. Do not use concentrated undiluted liquid only.
  4. Do not use under strong sunlight and heavy rain.
  5. It’s normal phenomenon if there is concave situation found on the surface of bottle.