Animal Protein Feed Additives (Liquid)
Chlorella BioStimulants
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By using Tai Jian Biotech Co.,Ltd. unique micro algae cell wall disruption method and patent technology, we had successfully developed Animal Protein Feed Additives which produced by Chlorella Pyrenoidosa. Chlorella Pyrenoidosa contains various type of essential nutrients in animals growing, such as protein, peptides, amino acid, vitamins, trace elements and Chlorella Growth Factor(C.G.F.), which could optimize ruminants and swines growth and nutrient balancing.
Animal Protein Feed Additives designed to provide a natural and eco-friendly enhancement in animal husbandry, within perfect proportion of nutrients for livestocks, dedicated to increase the lean meat ratio and the efficiency of feed utilization in natural way, maintain intestinal probiotics, external and internal infection resistances and improve the meat value, flavor and taste, in order to lower down the cost and increase economic value in the market.

Manufacturer:Tai Jian Biotech Co.,Ltd.
Contact Number:02-2715-0751
Address:8F.-2, No.201, Sec. 3, Nanjing E.Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Product Name:Animal Protein Feed Additives
Derived from:Chlorella pyrenoidosa
Suitable for all ruminants and swines

Ruminants and Swines
Suggested application:apply in ruminants and swines feeds based on feed portion of particular animal per day.
Lactation period:apply 3-5kg/ton of feeds
Growing period:apply 5kg/ ton of feeds
Adulthood period:apply 5kg/ ton of feeds

Performances of Animal Protein Feed Additives in ruminants and swines:
1. Increase lean meat ratio in natural way
2. Increase resistances in either external or internal infection
3. Maintain intestinal probiotics
4. Optimize feed utilization
5. Improve meat value, flavor and taste

(1)Avoid from direct sunlights
(2)Please finish using at once opened to prevent deterioration
(3)Avoid mixing with any other disinfectant